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Updating primary key

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Most, if not all, databases will implement this as requiring an insert and delete, not an update. 1) first create a copy of the orginal parent record with a new Primary key.

2) change the FK on the child record to the primary key of the new parent record you just added.

If your code updates all map collections this way, it generates many tombstones, which may slow the system down.

The examples above use map collections, but the same caution applies to updating sets.

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You can create a single PRIMARY KEY constraint as part of the table definition when a table is created.

Below are screen shots of the Access table design and the Output Data input.

i need to update a column say(employee ID), in a table say (table-A) which is primary is also foreign key of (table-B) .i try to change the primary key(employee Id) in table A it throws error child records found in table -B..there any way to update a primary key without deleting its child records?

I would take care of existing and conflicting keys in the On Row Updating event handler.

But I don't know how to distinguish the primary key's old and new values within the Sql Data Source's Updatecommand?