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Updating extensions conf

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For Asterisk to store and provide state for an extension, you must first define a hint for that extension. Those hints can then be queried or manipulated by functions and CLI commands.

The state of each hint will regularly be updated based on state changes for any devices mapped to a hint.

Click on "Close" Then, click on "Actions" in the menu and select "Associate Address" A popup appears, select your instance in the first field and then click on "Associate" Now, on the left menu, click on Instances.

On the Instances page, select your EC2 Instances to get all the details of your instance : We will need the private IP and the public IP in the next step ! You need to ssh again on your EC2 Instance (See step 2 - Connect to your EC2 Instance) Run this on your EC2 instance : After "externip=" replace YOUR_PUBLIC_IP_AWS by your elastic IP (public IP address).

On the Elastic IP page, click on the blue button "Allocate new address".

Asterisk Build: Asterisk/13.1.0Asterisk GUI-version : 2.1.0-rc1DO NOT USE THE ASTERISK GUI on your Synology DS system. If you really like the Asterisk, find an used/old PC or laptop to install a Asterisk Now V13. I finally give up on digging the way to solve the problem for this Asterisk GUI.

One of our clients needed to dynamically add and remove extensions to a ring-group.

These are very similar to call-groups or call-queues in Asterisk but slightly different.

Let’s demonstrate by adding a few lines to our dialplan example:, Asterisk will match the relevant extension, and read that digit back to you.

Since we didn’t provide any further instructions, your call will then end.