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Excel elects to wait and perform the updates when you are finished with the changes and give the “all clear” signal.

With the help of VBA Change Event, whenever the data source worksheet has data change, all pivot table in the workbook are refreshed.You need to force a refresh every time there are changes.Once you force a refresh, the Pivot Cache gets updated, which is reflected in the Pivot Table.Pivot Tables are designed to only refresh when one of two events occurs: 2. Refresh Table Next pt Next ws End Sub EXAMPLE: All of your pivot tables will refresh when you click off of the sheet holding the data.In the code window, paste the following lines of text: Private Sub Worksheet_Deactivate() Dim pt As Pivot Table Dim ws As Worksheet For Each ws In Active Workbook. The Worksheet_Deactivate macro code will be executed whenever the sheet holding the code loses focus, i.e. This Excel tutorial explains how to automatically refresh pivot table using Macro / VBA and Pivot Table Options.