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Chateau adult theater video

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Our seedy and still unidentified non-hero is introduced as a down and out Bowery type bum, feeling sorry for himself in pointless narration purporting to explain how he ended up so low. he went to the white title mansion to work for The Baron and sister (fan fave Suzanne Fields).They have beautiful women (Sandy Carey is the newest arrival) imprisoned in the château, where our protagonist and other hooded/masked goons clad in back with their johnsons hanging out, abuse the girls night and day while the creepy siblings watch the action on closed circuit TV.An idiotic, zero-continuity storyline fails to hold together these episodes of female abuse, clearly aimed at the lower rung of the early '70s porn audience.This was several years before the crazy work of Phil Prince, Joe Davian and other bottom feeders put such XXX fetish material on the map.We will soon be expanding our store so that we may best suit all your needs, and carry everything you could ever imagine (plus a few things that may suprise you).So, visit our friendly staff at the Chateau Exxxperience today. We are here to help you and your partner find what excites you!We are ready to help you find that perfect item to make ANY night a night to remember!

~ Bob S., Manager/Editor Ended up going to Chateau today as I traveled back south around 6, only to see that the power was out at the place. When I get time, I definitely want to go back on a weekend evening! I went here four different times over the weekend March 13-15 and it was a ridiculously different crowd each time.But man there were so many cars coming and going out of there, I guess it had just gone out. Sometimes dudes are all for going at it in the theatre, other times I saw dudes scared to even jerk it.But with the ten to fifteen cars I saw as a I pulled into the lot and then left, I think the place still has a good amount of action going on. I went on a Friday night around or 11 and saw no action in the theatre. Went Saturday morning and stayed long enough to see a dude suck some guy's load down his throat then have his load sucked down by some chick.SPOILERS AHEAD Final reels are truly idiotic, as the narrator suddenly turns into a softy and decides to help the girls escape by poisoning the siblings and the other guards by spiking their tea.It also seems to act as an aphrodisiac (none of this makes sense or is intended to), causing Fields and uninteresting Howard Alexander (as the Baron) to have incestuous sex before overacting a la Max Schreck in their sudden dying throes scene.If you are not 18 years of age or older or do not wish to view any mature material, you are not encouraged to view any items on this site.