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0D $.post(" About Me: I'm a total nerd who's also into fitness and staying active. I am not looking for serious relationships right now, but I'm open to possibilities.
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She may be interested, she just has to do some detective work.If she looks up, it means that she is not interested at all.. It was a discovery made by psychological researcher Dr Timothy Perper who spent years studying the mating game. It is an automatic, subconscious, instinctual part of their behaviour. Sometimes they are obvious and you can see their eyes look you up and down.You can begin to do this by isolating and understanding some of the most common components of attraction.Recognizing these signs will make you more comfortable, confident and excited about connecting with new people. We created a free guide “Text Message TURN OFFs: 7 Absolute Mistakes to Avoid When Texting Her” – Get it free here: Click Here to get the Free Guide Position of the Body There are few clearer signs of definite attraction than the position of the body.[Read: 12 easy signs to know just how much a girl likes you] Are you in love with a girl who blows hot and cold, who behaves like your girlfriend at times and snubs you like you’re a nobody at other times when she doesn’t need you?

Instead, study the overall gestalt of her behavior.

Perhaps, she really likes you as a friend and is just being friendly with you because she feels comfortable around you.

Girls are a lot more touchy feely than guys, and there’s a very good chance that you may be misunderstanding that friendly touch for a flirty touch.

As a man, I find it incredibly easy to know when a guy is interested in a girl. But the amazing thing is this, in which direction she looks while looking away, conveys her level of attraction!

He looks at her excessively, he changes his voice and posture. ” Similarly, I can guarantee that a girl can tell when a member of her sex is interested in a guy. Here is a secret which you have to know: Women are obvious. If she looks down, it is a sign that she is attracted to you. If she looks to the side, it means she’s not sure yet.