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“Queen of Jordan 2” (Episode 6.20) It can’t live up the quality of the first “Queen of Jordan” episode, and it can’t be as original and fresh, but it’s still very funny. “The Rural Juror” (Episode 1.10) Pronunciation of the title of Jenna’s indie movie The Rural Juror became a wonderful running gag for the show, and it all started here. “Cougars” (Episode 2.07) The stuff about Liz dating a much younger man, and Jenna’s jealousy thereof, is fine, but it’s Tracy, Jack and Kenneth’s Iraq-paralleling antics in the world of Little League Baseball that are worth the price of admission. “When It Rains, It Pours” (Episode 5.02) Paul Giamatti’s guest appearance is a little broad, but funny, and there’s a lot of good stuff in there about Jack and Avery and Tracy and Angie and parenthood. However, this is the episode that used him best, and it also has some great Jenna stuff when she realizes she’s being offered a mom role on Gossip Girl. “Hiatus” (Episode 1.21) “Hiatus” is the first season’s finale, and, like a lot of finales, it has some big moments.Liz breaks it off with Floyd and returns to New York. It’s not as strong as a season finale should be, probably, but it’s still a good episode. “Subway Hero” (Episode 2.12) Alec Baldwin plays Richard Nixon.

And it’s with a heavy heart that fans say goodbye: when a great TV show ends, the loss can sting even amid the recognition that it’s time to let go (even Fey can run out of storylines, it seems).Don't smother your child with affection to compensate for not having a man in your life. We'll have to pass this off to one of our subsidiaries. No, You’re on a plane to Boston tomorrow, Tray, we have a laboratory they're experimenting in tattoo removal. Neil Patterson pitching me the rotating microwave tray. The first generation works their fingers to the bone making things, the next generation goes to college and innovates new ideas, the third generation... We always need people who are pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. [takes out a little red ball and sings] Dah duh dah dah duh dah dah duh duh, dah duh dah dah duh dah duh dah, dah dah dun duh dun duh -- Listen, Greg, I've got the next big reality show: we put a bunch of people on a plane, fly them over the Atlantic, then Tom Bergeron comes out and reveals... Don't say you're the only man I'll ever love, even babies know that's creepy. You see, GE owns Kitchen All of Colorado which in turn owns JMI of Stanford, which is a majority share holder of which recently acquired the Sheinhardt Wig Company, which owns NBC outright. It promises to be one of our biggest profit centers once today’s generation finally sobers up. Me personally coining the phrase "what's the upside." Participating in hands across America. New York third-wave feminist, college educated, single and pretending to be happy about it, over scheduled, undersexed, you buy any magazine that says "healthy body image" on the cover, and every two years you take up knitting for... In five years we will all be either working for him, or dead by his hand. And I'm here to talk to you today about a wonderful new synergy. It's revolutionizing the way we monetize broadcast television. This is the unlisted number of Stone, the most exclusive restaurant in the city, currently. For me, drinking has always been about the ritual, so I just have to replace the ritual. “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” And though they’ve never won a war, or mass produced a decent car, in this area, they are correct. All you have to do as the writing staff of an NBC show is incorporate positive mentions, or "pos-mens," of G. Product integration -- setting a new standard in upward revenue-stream dynamics... Your turkey sub, your clothes, the fact that a women of your resources and position lives like some boxcar hobo, or maybe it’s the fact that while I’m saying all this, you have a piece of lettuce stuck in your hair. Making it through a full twenty four hours without a single misstep is called "Reaganing." The only other people who've ever done it: Lee Iacocca, Jack Welch, and -- no judement -- Saddam Hussein. I'm looking for DIHC, Avery, and I'm going to take it wherever I can find it. He once described her as a "New York third-wave feminist, college-educationed, single-and-pretending-to-be-happy-about-it, over-scheduled, undersexed, you buy any magazine that says 'healthy body image' on the cover and every two years you take up knitting for ... Despite their differences, Liz and Jack were intellectual equals even as he treated her like a lesser peon.